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We advice you in all matters relating to the comprehensive data protection regulations in Germany and the European Union. Since 2018, a uniform date protection law has applied in Europe / Germany. EU data protection rules: Stronger rules on data protection mean people have more control over their personal data and businesses benefit from a level playing field … more

15 – 18. October 2019 in Foshan and Guiyang

Medialab Internet Agency
Achim Weidner 阿奇姆·魏德纳
Haßlocher Straße 73
D-65428 Rüsselsheim am Main
Phone: +49 (0)6142 796066
Cellphone: +49 (0)171 2873977 / Wechat / WhatsApp
E-Mail: goeurope@medialab-internetagentur.de

2. Gesprächsrunde über den Stand der Digitalisierung in Rüsselsheim
Picture: Achim Weidner, fourth from left

Founded in 1996 by Achim Weidner Medialab Internet Agency in Rüsselsheim/Main (near Frankfurt/Main), is working on the development, implementation and updating of structured online publications, as an external date protection a client instructor for data protection and training, on topics around to the internet and social media.

Achim Weidner is a graduate of the certification program “Legal Aspects of IT and Internet Compliance” of the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (Faculty of Computer Sciense, Economics and Law). The program includes data protection and data security, internet law, computer and internet criminal law (with technical data security).

Achim Weidner of the Medialab Internet Agency is a member of:

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